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IP Lures was founded in 2015 on this basic thought “All people can fish”. 

Simple products, handmade by the fisherman who have spent their whole lives canvasing and fishing the area lakes.  Constantly trying out different products, seeing how each product measures up to the different Elements of fishing. Because of their trial-and-error approach, they know what works and what doesn’t.   Now they would like to share their basic knowledge and passion for fishing with their customers.  Encouraging youth, the opportunity to inexpensively get started in the sport of fishing.  

At IP Lures, we know what works, we have no interest in selling you a bunch of “stuff”. Our Success is measured on your success on the lake.
We pride ourselves on a having custom-made Jigs and Plastics, quality product, fresh lively bait and those little extras you grab on your way to fish.
We have set up Bait Boxes, sharing our knowledge of what’s works and in what season, taking the guess work out of fishing, for those who are just starting out.  



                  So stop in..
Check out our selection of
         Rods and Reels
          Fishing Tackle
          Hair Jigs
Ask about what is biting?
Maybe even where?

Grab a scoop of Minnows or a carton of worms...

Make sure you come back and tell us your newest fishing story! 



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