May 6th, 2019   

Water temps seem to be hovering around that 50-52 degree range.  Lots of panfish are being caught on area lakes the last couple of weeks.  Depths seem to vary as to where everyone is fishing, some shore fishing has been taking place in the early morning and later evening hours.  Lakes are very clear and that is making fishing a bit tougher, remember to look for warmer dirtier water if you can.  Opener in my opinion will be a decent opener.  Water temps are right where you want them, shiners are starting to appear along some shorelines, so remember to find the schools of shiners and the walleyes will be traveling right along with them.  I will provide fishing updates often now, I won't however post anyone elses spots unless it is ok'd by them.  Just putting some imformation out of here of my own, we are all anglers and learn from one another everyday.  

Bobbers Down

May 14th, 2019

Water temps are starting to warm up and so has the fishing.  Smaller lakes are seeing water temps from 54-56 degrees, bigger lakes are seeing 49 to 51 degrees.  With the warm weather pattern coming this week, we will see a significant rise in the temps.  

As for the fishing, opener was a very hit or miss on the lake.  The smaller lakes produced lots of fish due to the warmer waters.  The pattern to find schools of shiners was key on lots of lakes.  If you fished deeper in the day and shallower in the evening, this was a producing ticket for landing fish.  Lakes such as Stowe, Reno, Turtle, Osakis, Mary were common lakes targeted.  Bass fishing is starting to heat up as well.  Bass are starting to move into the shallows chasing some bait and gearing up for the spawn.  Remember you can fish for bass but not keep any the first 2 weeks.  Most lakes that I have ventured to have had bass cruising the shorelines now.  Pan fish are starting to also venture close to their respective spawn places.  Tube jigs and flu flus tipped with a waxworm or small leech and a bobber work well to search for the schools.


Bobbers Down 

May 23rd, 2019

Rain, rain, and more rain.  The anglers who are getting out are having some success though with the walleye fishing.  The fish that I have heard being caught are in the typical spring spots from lake to lake.  Early morning and late evening seem to be the best times that anglers are finding success.  Lakes that I have heard booming are Big Chip, Mary, Osakis, Stowe. Water temps have really have been all over the place with this cooler weather and rain pattern.  Warmer bays are pushing 60 degrees and some parts of the main lakes are staying in the mid 50's yet.  


Bass are moving up shallow all over the place.  They are in the pre spawn bite and lots of smaller males are being caught.  Plastic worms, spinner baits, chatter baits seem to be big producers. Lots of fishing are in waters under 5 foot right now.  This Saturday remember an angler is allowed to start keeping bass for his or her possession.

Northern activity is also heating up.  Fishing shallow with the bass has produced many pike for myself.  Remember the new law in Minnesota with the pike.  

Panfish have been doing well when the weather is stable.  Warm spawning bays have produced many numbers of panfish for anglers.  Tube jigs, waxworms, leeches, and worms have been the tickets for producing catches. As the weather straightens out, fishing will improve all around.


Bobbers Down 

June 6, 2019

Fishing has become stellar.  The walleyes are turning to crawlers and leeches.  Many have also started using jiggin raps and rippin raps sitting over the top of fish.  With the clear water, early morning and later evening has been a good bite on many lakes.  Lakes with success have been Chippewa, Osakis, Reno, Andrew, and Miltona.  

Bass and panfish activity is through the roof.  Both species are sitting on beds shallow and have been producing on every lake.  Bass are hitting all types of baits.  Plastic worms, chatterbaits, spinner baits, and senkos work well.  The panfish bite is hot.  Bobber with waxworms, crappie minnows, or tube jigs are working well to produce fish.  

Northern activity has also increased great time.  Northers are sitting around the weeds and have been hitting jigs and minnows, jigs and plastics, plugs, spinner baits, well lets say about anything you can get by them they seem to have become active with the warmer water temps.  

Bobbers Down

July 1, 2019

Fishing has really picked up around the Alexandria Lakes Area.  Walleye fishing has been stellar on Reno, Andrew, Mary, Chippewa, Osakis, and Geneva.  Most fisherman are using crawlers and leeches now.  A few fish are now coming on artificial baits such as plugs and jiggin raps.  Typically the fish are being found on the weed edge and out towards the basin of the lakes.  Later evening and early morning hours seem to produce a good bite and lakes are less busy from recreational users.

Bass and Northern activity is strong on the outer weedlines now.  Bass are hitting all types of baits from jigs and plastics, to plugs, and chatterbaits are good search baits for locating bass and northerns.

Panfish are moving into the deeper weed edges now.  Crappies and sunnies are schooled up and can be caught on a variety of baits.  Jigs and plastics, waxworms, small leeches are baits that will produce.  

Weather looks good coming up, stop in and see us on County Road 82 between Alex and Osakis. 

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July 25, 2019

Fishing has hit a grind some area lakes.  Reports of some bug hatches have happened, and water temps have risen drastically.  Walleye fishing has been producing on some area lakes however.  Anglers are using lots of artificial baits such as jigs and plastics, jiggin raps, rippin raps to produce fish.  Pulling lead core has also flourished to help get fish in the boat.  Bobbers and leeches have also produced fish on area lakes.  Lakes of choice have been Carlos, Geneva, Osakis, Reno, and Smith.  Low light times have also been better than bright day hours.


Bass and Northern activities have been producing on many area lakes.  Fishing non pressured lakes have been better than those that have tournaments on them week after week.  The deeper weed lines have been producing solid numbers around schools of panfish.  Plastics of various kinds are producing fish along with crankbaits.  Top water action is starting to pick up in the shallows with frogs, and poppers over the top of thick vegetation.  

Panfish are holding on the weedlines.  Many success stories have come from anglers finding schools in the mid weeds.  Slip bobbers and all sorts of baits work well to locate fish.  Some anglers are slow trolling tube jigs and beetle spins.  

Update on the minnow situation:  As of right now, the word is minnows are tough for the wholesalers to come by.  I know at the shop we are very low on minnows and its a day to day call to see if any have come in.  Due to the hard winter and demand, minnow numbers are at an all time low.  We will keep you updated on this situation.

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August 13, 2019

Walleye fishing is starting to pick up on some area lakes.  Various tactics have worked for these fish.  Casting shallow in the weeds has produced really good quality fish.  Various plastics have been used from 2 3/4" to 5" baits.  Trolling leadcore has also been a big producer on lakes.  Fishing the basins and finding schools of baitfish have worked to locate scattered walleyes.  The crawler and leech bite has also produced fish with usual techniques.  Some of the hot lakes that we have heard about were Andrew, Mary, Reno, Geneva, and Carlos.

Bass and Northern fishing has continued to be successful in the last couple of weeks.  Weedlines have produced many fish for anglers.  Different types of plastic presentations have been successful.  The top water bite is starting to produce as well.  Anglers are using poppers and frogs for this presentation.  Northerns have been sitting on the weedlines chasing the new hatch of fry and panfish.  Seems if you find a school of panfish, there are plenty of northerns lurking in with them.

Panfish bite has been solid on many area lakes.  Finding suspended schools on your graph is very key with the fish roaming all over.  Tube jigs, flu flus, waxies, crawlers, panfish leeches have been common baits used for the panfish.  

Bobbers down

August 22, 2019

Walleye fishing is improving on most lakes.  Fish are starting to be caught on all presentations again from leadcore, to crawlers and leeches, and some guys are pitching jigs with minnows or plastics in the weed beds.  Lake temps are dropping some and this is improving the bite all over area lakes.  Lakes to look for are Mary, Andrew, Henry, Osakis, and Geneva have produced some quality fish.  

Bass and Northern activity is smokin hot.  Deeper weedlines are producing both species.  Jigs and plastics, senkos, plugs are common baits being used to find the fish.  Top water action in picking up also on area lakes.  Calmer waters work better in this situation.

Panfish are plentiful in all lakes.  Anglers are looking at deep weedlines as well as the edge of basins to find fish.  Tube jigs, jigs and worms or waxworms are working great to catch the panfish.  Lots of suspended fish laying around so use your sonar to spot these schools.

Bobbers down.